Tee Bylo. Dead Sleuth.

DEAD – adjective.

No longer alive.

SLEUTH – noun.

A person who investigates mysteries.

As a professional genealogist with an interest in tombstone symbolism – Tee Bylo is a seeker of elusive ancestors and a wanderer of graveyards.

With her passion for family history, storytelling and Victorian crime – Tee is the creative director for The Polite Tourist which offers unique walks through the unquiet streets of York, Scarboro’ and beyond.

A fierce admirer of the poet Lord Byron – Tee is the author of The Regency Recondite and the curator for Nicole Brown Simpson Remembered.

Tee is also a sometime artist and her work includes ‘Small Worlds’ in 12th scale and figurative clay sculpture.

Tee resides among the many ghosts of her home town in the ancient City of York.

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you May as well make it Dance.

Bernard Shaw

The genealogist.

Is there a mystery, or a riddle or even an absurdity about your family history which has you intrigued or perplexed?

Or are you in search of that final resting place of an ancestor from the ancient City of York or beyond?

As a professional genealogist with an interest in tombstone symbolism – Tee could be just THE family history sleuth you need by your side.

The grave hunter.

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genealogy and family History research

Social history of Tradition and death

Fallen Women from the 19th century

the victorian celebration of death

symbolism and language of Graveyards

victorian crime in york, and beyond

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research in progress:

The genealogical stories of prostitutes from the Victorian era in YORK, SCARBORO’, LEEDS and GLASGOW.

A study of the the surname HITCHING for the Guild of One-Name Studies.

The social history of the coastal town of SCARBOROUGH in North Yorkshire from the Regency to the Edwardian era for the Society of One-Place Studies.

Curating the story of NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON (1959-1994) through published media.

The life of LADY FRANCES CAROLINE WEBSTER-WEDDERBURN née Annesley (1793-1837)

musings from the dead sleuth

The Flesh IS Frail?

As my interest has been piqued as of late by the welcome appearance of thrice-wed grandmothers, social reformers, lunatics and unmarried mothers – my feelings of female solidarity have been awakened.

The Polite Tourist

At dusk, it is possible to catch a glimpse of a celebrated miniaturist and storyteller wandering through the unquiet streets and secret passages of York, Scarboro’ and beyond in a quest to wake the dead.

This Silent Land?

Have you ever heard the one about how there are only two things that are certain to us? The first one being that we are all subject to some form of taxation and the second is that one day we WILL all die.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Very impressed with Tee’s sleuthing!

Her passion for the craft and attention to detail is incredible.’

— Christine from Yorkshire

Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Professional to THE core.

AND one of the nicest genealogists to work with too!’

— Katherine from USA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Tee’s discoveries about some of the lost members of my family has been truly amazing.

She’s brilliant!’

— Jean from York

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As every penny I earn keeps me happy with access to genealogical research, parish records, newspaper archives, and probate deeds along with precious opportunities to explore those graveyards – every lovely human who believes in my work makes me VERY happy too!

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