With THOSE Mice Away…


Welcome to the ministry, musings and mishaps from the parish of St M’s in the town of Merryworth and the home to a gang of unique mice, a brood of chickens AND two Little Big Cats!

Although I should add that I’m usually the one attending to most of the work including the designing, creating, researching, blogging and the cleaning up!

However, I remain hopeful that I will get to enjoy the occasional ‘hot’ cup of tea and before those parishioners have made their presence felt; I shall enjoy sharing a ‘little’ more about my work as the Head Mouser of Merryworth…

The Parish of St M’s can be found in the fictional village of Merryworth with a church and assorted emporiums and although most began life in kit form as simple pieces of MDF; the creation and design has been entirely my work and with my dislike for stairs and hinge brackets, the original concepts have been ‘tweaked’.

From my earliest memories I have always loved exploring our local parish churches and having worked in many of the churches and chapels in and around the historic town of Malton in North Yorkshire on behalf of the Methodist Church – the opportunity to recreate MY world in 12th scale has finally been realised!

And my vision has been to create an old church that captures a sense of our history and yet is ever changing as well as being a place for reflection and thanksgiving.

The church has been named the Parish Church of St Margaret in honour of an English Saint who having died in France in 1192 enjoys a Feast Day on February 3 and as both my mother and mother-in-law are also called Margaret – the naming ceremony was simple.

The inspiration for St Margaret’s has come from many sources and as I spent over ten years working in and around some of the most wonderful churches and chapels here in North Yorkshire – I have been rather spoilt for choice!

And over time this little church is now full of items of personal significance for me.

And during my working days for the church – I could either be packing my craft tools into a plastic stacking box for a tot’s morning or beavering away in the office preparing for a holiday club surrounded by a jumble of papers, boxes of candles, fundraising buckets and the donations of cereals, pasta and biscuits which would soon be on their way to the local food bank or else I could be making a cup of tea for someone who just needed a warm drink and a friendly ear…

And on that note – is that a kettle I hear?

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