One Last, Lovely Smile?

Dear Diary…

The American poet and journalist William Cullen Bryant once said that Autumn was the “year’s last, loveliest smile” and even though I adore the season’s vibrant colours, collecting horse chestnuts, the fallen leaves and the welcome appearance of the humble mince pie, I haven’t really had much to smile about lately.

Since September I’ve been tormented by the ‘Tooth of Autumn Present’ and although the pesky molar and I finally parted company last week, I’m now haunted by the ‘Tooth Ghost of Autumn Past’ which has had a severe impact on my daily cookie fix and has also kept me away from the studio lest I scare off any of the fellow artists with my wild look!

And as I’m still confined to barracks for a few days yet, I’ve been working on some exciting 12th scale projects while trying really hard NOT to feel sorry for myself particularly when I think about all that I achieved this summer over at the Mouse Town of St M’s when the weather was so much nicer…

For yes, the Mouse Town has continued to grow and and as every parishioner, fictional or otherwise needs a ‘little’ something to buy, eat AND love – St M’s now has an impressive huddle of emporiums including the ‘Leaf & Maple Flower Shop’, ‘Merryworth Market’, ‘Mollie’s Tea Room’ and the ‘Alessa Mia Farm Shop’.

Now, all I have to do is to put those mice to work after their extended summer holiday and when they see what I’ve got planned for Christmas, they may not be smiling for long!

It’s just as well that Tim Burton said that “Every day is Halloween, isn’t it?” as I’m still attending to the All Hallows Eve party celebrations over at Nicole’s House which includes sharing the recipe for Nicole’s delicious ‘Toffee Apple Candy Cake”…

I use the word ‘delicious’ purely on the feedback received from that Little Big Cat who I know enjoyed more than one slice!

However, I have heard a whisper that after Nicole’s Halloween party, Minnie B wandered over to the All Hallows Hamlet with a HUGE bag of treats and was last seen near the Harum Scarum Emporium which is shielded by the prickliest thorn bushes and whispering trees in this bleakest part of the hamlet and managed by the reclusive crone Claire Eno.

As there are no visitors here, Claire’s only friend is the ancient book that has been in her family for as long as anyone can remember and from within the dusty pages of this HUGE recipe book she concocts a vast array of nasty potions from the beautiful flowers, nourishing berries and healing plants that she gathers every day at dusk and even though they all gather dust on the cobwebby shelves waiting for the customers who never arrive; Claire is unable to stop weaving her unkind magick.

And having heard the rumour about Claire’s sinister remedy of ‘Black Cat Scratch Fever’, I rather admire the bravery of Minnie B…

And if you too are feeling a little brave, there is now the opportunity to indulge in a ‘little’ retail therapy while browsing the shelves of this magikcal emporium and linger over the intoxicating array of exclusive notions and potions designed to entice imagination AND wallet!

On offer and measuring just 2.5 cm or smaller is a collection of miniature vials ALL freshly brewed from Claire’s ancient recipe book and now available exclusively on the Crooked Hen Gift Shop.

With a pinch of ‘This and That’ suspended in resin, labelled in parchment and finished with paper tied with jute, raffia or silver wire- these little vials will add a perfect finishing touch to YOUR fantastical miniature world… OR could YOU discover another use for it?

And talking of sinister spells…

For having dithered for nearly a whole year with the design of my Patreon page with so many drafts and deletes that I could have rewritten the novel Les Misérables from a personal point of view; I’m convinced that a spoonful of that old crone’s ‘Lazy Trout’s Procrastination’ ended up in my tea by accident.

But why am I now on Patreon?

Although I love what I do and cannot imagine myself doing anything other than this – to survive on fresh air with only a diet of hope and the occasional box of donated teabags is sadly impossible and the glue, paint, wood, tools, paintbrushes, fabric and all of the other lovely stuff I use to create the Mouse Town costs money…

Beginning with a monthly pledge from only a $1 which is charged to your card straight away and on the 1st of every month following – you will be able to cross the portal into the exclusive world of St M’s as a honorary ‘Mouser’ and with access to my Patreon musings, you can enjoy a look at the work in progress and watch as I scurry around the Mouse Town dressing the church, arranging flowers, making cheese and I’ll show how how I sculpt those mice.

You’ll have the opportunity to see a finished ‘Mouse World’ before anyone else and YOU will be helping us to make this world a better place – one mouse at a time!

You can cancel or amend your pledge at any time and if you are unable to pledge – knowing that you are still reading this means a lot too – Thank you!

"Anyone Who Braves the Opinion of the World Must Sooner or Later Feel the Consequences Of It." ~ Lady Melbourne

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